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Shadow Short (12 Seconds) Shadow Short (12 Seconds)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I'd say, yes - push harder, ideed. Spledid work, even though incomplete, the work in this definitely shows, and even though it must have taken a lot of time and effort, I'd say working like this will definitely see you good reviews.

randomness randomness

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty well done - though I understand it's a series of sketches and nothing supposed to be professionally finished, which is completely fine by all means, my only gripe is that certain action scenes have much louder audio than the background music, making it somewhat surprising/startling, almost. If you were to up the Background music or lower the effect volume, I probably would have given this a 4.5, but I'll give it a 4. Simplistic stick figures can sometimes be refreshing in worlds of detail and complication.

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the lost pixel man by phi the lost pixel man by phi

Rated 0 / 5 stars

This is...well, I can at the least see that you've put SOME effort into it, but it's just not a very enjoyable game - if it could even be called that. My first complaint lands in the character design. I mean, I know it can be difficult to come up with original characters sometimes, but...I just don't see the appeal in the ones in this game. The main character is a blurry sprite of some sort, and the enemies consist of...Armadillos?

Secondly, the environments are not very pleasing. There seems to be several platforms, but none of them really have any appeal - they're somewhat painful to look at, and seem much too closely spaced in some portions. The blur of the protagonist, in my opinion, is a very unfortunate and unpleasant contrast to the sharp pixelated flow of the world around him. There's also no background at all - just a white, which hurts my eyes to look at - a nice shade of gray would have even been better than just the blaring, loud white you used.

Thirdly, and my biggest gripe about this game, is that the gameplay is just not a fun experience on almost any level. I literally could not progress past the first screen, and I'll never know if there was anything past that because the gameplay is just so infuriating to try to handle. Controls are fine and simple: arrow keys and space. No problem. However, the character you control just...glitches around from place to place. Often times he can move into a platform and just be stuck there until you move out of it, and just fly up while there was no action I indicated to make him do such. The enemies don't even deal damage or pose any real threat other than being an obstacle to clear - the pits were more of a threat because of the incredibly difficult to navigate movement than the enemies did at all.

The sound...Well, I understand that it's sometimes difficult to make sound effects and original music, but the least you could have done was take from something other than NES Mario. Check out - I use that website to draw sound effects for my flash animations.

I understand that maybe you're young and completely new to this, so perhaps this will be the building block that you could grow and develop into something great off of. You're going to have to put in a lot more work than this to create a game with high rankings, friend.

It was an alright first attempt, if that, but to keep work on this site, it's going to have to be much more high quality than this. Maybe take some time, watch some tutorials on YouTube, get some better software if you have to - your next project could be much better if you really dedicate yourself to it.